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We try to maintain good relations with our neighbours and there is therefore
a noise abatement procedure in place.  Please click here for details

             Elevation:      550ft (18mb)

             Location:       4.5nm East of Chipping Norton       N 51 55.69  W 001 25.71

             Runways:       08/26     1100m x 40m    Asphalt
                                  08/26     800m x 40m     Grass (south of asphalt runway) available on request

             Lighting:       None

             Circuits:        08 LH, 26 RH
                                  Motor gliders  600ft QFE
                                  Microlights     600ft QFE tight (click here to see the ideal microlight circuit)
                                  Aircraft         800ft QFE

                                  Overhead joins:   Join overhead at 1,800ft QFE minimum.  Descend deadside
                                  to cross upwind threshold at 1,000ft QFE, then join downwind at circuit height

             Radio:           A/G  129.880

             Landing fee: Single          10                    Multiple landings      30 (Single)
                                 Twin            20                                                   60 (Twin)

             Overnight parking:            15 Single, 25 Twin, 30 Helicopter

             Restrictions: PPR by telephone or radio
                                  No departures before 0800 or after 1930 or sunset, whichever is the earlier
                                  Runways 15/33 and 02/20 are not usable

             Warnings:     Fence across undershoot close to threshold of runway 26.  Do not land short.
                                  North side grass strip operated by maintenance organisation - use at own risk
                                  6ft high fence separates asphalt runway from north side grass strip
                                  Radio mast 120ft aal (670ft amsl) in south-east corner of aerodrome

             Fuel & oil:     AVGAS 100LL     Unleaded Mogas     Shell Oil

             Food:            Snacks on aerodrome, including home made cakes
                                  Crown Inn at Church Enstone

             Hotels:          Heythrop Park Resort  (Click here for link to hotel website)

             Operator:     Oxfordshire Sportflying Ltd.  Tel. 01608 677208




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