Oxfordshire Sportflying Limited was founded in 1981 by a dedicated group of aviators and today trains pilots using the Slingsby T.61F Venture and Diamond HK36TC Super Dimona motor gliders, providing the opportunity to fly both taildragger and tricycle undercarriage aircraft.

Our flying instructors provide training for the NPPL-SLMG (National Private Pilot's Licence - Self Launching Motor Glider) and also the EASA PPL-TMG (EASA Private Pilot's Licence, Touring Motor Glider) and once you have completed your training we have two Civil Aviation Authority Examiners to give you your final test.  Enstone is also an approved examination centre for the Flight Radio Telephony Licence and an Examiner is on hand to give you your qualifying exam.

We are also now able to offer training and exams for the Air-to-Ground Communications Service (AGCS) qualification using our new well-equipped Tower, so if this is something you may be interested in, please contact us for further details.

For those who already possess a valid NPPL or EASA PPL, conversion to SLMG or TMG is only a few hours flying away, whilst glider pilots holding a Cross-Country Endorsement/Bronze C or higher licence can also convert to the NPPL-SLMG in only a few hours of flying training.  Also, the motor glider is the perfect way to improve your navigational and field landing skills'

With a Piper Warrior in our fleet, we are also able to give conversion to this type for NPPL (SSEA) or EASA SEP pilots.

We operate with a friendly club atmosphere 7 days a week throughout the year from our 1100 metre tarmac runway (an 800 metre grass runway is also available), whilst the virtually unrestricted airspace that surrounds the aerodrome offers you the freedom to develop your flying skills without being hampered by extensive air traffic.  On the social side, there are monthly barbecues throughout the summer and usually a Christmas party.  We also have occasional special events, so please click on the box to the left to see if anything is coming up.

If you have ever thought about combining the autonomy of a light aircraft with the pleasure of soaring in a glider, then motorgliding is the answer. Whether novice or experienced, power or glider pilot, our motor gliders can offer you the flying experience you are looking for.

So why not give us a call here at Enstone, or come in and see us (visiting aircraft are always welcome - Enstone radio channel 129.880), and we will be pleased to arrange a programme specific to your needs.


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